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Crainco’s ISNetworld Membership Reinforces Commitment to Safety & Compliance


As part of Crainco Inc.’s ongoing effort to provide a safe work environment for everyone, the company is a proud member of ISNetworld for the second straight year.

Crainco’s ISNetworld Membership Reinforces Commitment to Safety & Compliance

ISNetworld presented Crainco with the Certificate of Membership and shows the company’s commitment to a safety first, zero-incident culture focused on eliminating occupational injuries, incidents and accidents.

Crainco believes safety is a moral obligation and employs and enforces rigorous industry-best safety practices.

Company-wide systems are in place to prevent risk and increase safety, including training programs and safety certifications. Furthermore, Crainco utilizes appropriate tools for reporting and analyzing every service job, implementing corrective actions as necessary and continually reviewing and updating all safety programs.

Through ISNetworld, additional information and record-keeping about Crainco’s safety and compliance requirements are available to the company’s valued customers and vendors, including:

  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Questionnaire
    • Insurance Certificates
    • OSHA Forms
    • Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Letters
    • Written Health, Safety, and Environmental Programs
    • Training Information
    • Reporting of Hours and Incidents by Month

ISN’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) verifies and evaluates health, safety, and procurement information to ensure regulatory and client specific requirements are met.

ISN is the global leader in contractor and supplier information management. Visit www.isnetworld.com for more information.

About Crainco Inc.

For over 30 years, Crainco has been a leading provider in the crane and rigging industry, also offering transportation and logistics for heavy cargo, freight and machinery across Southern California.

The company is proud to offer, “Safety first, quality always” on every job.

Crainco Helps City of Downey Transport Concrete Benches from Spain


Crainco and a local general contractor teamed up with the City of Downey to pick up, load, transport and place three concrete benches manufactured in Spain, as well as other miscellaneous items to the Arts Plaza in Downtown Downey.

The three imported benches and equipment were managed by Crainco from the pick-up point at the City of Downey’s storage yard. Crainco loaded the benches for their transportation division to safely move them for approximately three miles to the downtown plaza.

The team at Crainco utilized a 50-ton Manitex 5096S Boom Truck Crane from its crane fleet, and a company tractor trailer for the transport.

The project required that Crainco work alongside the city architect to coordinate the job, as well as oversee traffic control planning, to ensure traffic in the downtown area was minimally impacted and access to businesses was not hindered.

Once the items arrived in Downey, Crainco was responsible for rigging them safely to make sure no damage occurred. Working closely with city officials, Crainco was responsible for safely craning and positioning the items into their final location.

For over 30 years, Crainco has been a leading provider in the crane and rigging industry, also offering transportation and logistics for heavy cargo, freight and machinery across Southern California.

Crainco Offers PRO-LIFT, Unique AC Lift


The PRO-LIFT is a one-of-a-kind AC lift which allows HVAC units to easily be moved on a rooftop, and Crainco Inc. offers it to customers.

This AC lifting and transport system is battery-operated to allow for complete portability. Each side of the dual-piece HVAC dolly has a large pneumatic main tire plus spring-loaded front and rear castors to provide a zero-turning radius. With this AC lift, you can easily roll a unit weighing 1,500 pounds over an uneven surface.


Furthermore, since nothing extends underneath the AC unit, it is no problem to place it directly on the roof curb.

Contact Crainco Inc. at 562.903-7290 to inquire about the PRO-LIFT.


SPYDERCRANE Mini Crawler Offers Unique Spatial Limitations


Crainco Inc. is working with SPYDERCRANE mini crane to assist customers with unique spatial limitations and get the job done.

SPYDERCRANE Mini Crawler Offers Unique Spatial Limitations

The SPYDERCRANE mini crane is a unique brand with many features that make it extremely special.

Patented Overturn Protection System

SPYDERCRANE’s Overturn Protection System is a patented UNIC exclusive safety system that is included on the SPYDERCRANE URW090 Series, URW200 Series, and some URW300 Series models, all of which Crainco offers to customers.

The Overturn Protection System is comprised of an on-board computer system that continually measures ground pressure on each outrigger through an incorporated “load cell” in each outrigger. If during a lift, one outrigger starts to lose ground pressure and is nearing the safe operating limits of the crane, an alarm will sound and the SPYDERCRANE mini-crawler crane will start to slow the crane functions. If two outriggers start to loose ground pressure, the mini crane will automatically stop all functions that would put the crane closer to an unsafe configuration. With the alarms sounding and the crane stopped, the operator will now be able to maneuver the crane back into a favorable operating position to continue the lift.

Variable Geometry Outriggers

Variable Geometry Outriggers allow for lifts in tight spaces. A standard feature on the 090 and 200 Series SPYDERCRANE models, by offering numerous locking positions on the outrigger swing, knee, and inner box joints, the SPYDERCRANE mini crane can set up around an obstacle, on a catwalk, or in a machinery room in very limited spaces.

Remote Control and Pressure Sensitive Controls

Unlike most cranes on the market, SPYDERCRANE mini cranes offers pressure sensitive controls that speed or slow crane functions based on the amount of pressure input by the operator. Most SPYDERCRANE mini cranes are also equipped with a wireless remote control so an operator can position themselves into the best vantage point for their lift. These features make the SPYDERCRANE branded mini crane one of the easiest mini cranes to operate.

Superior Materials and Construction

The SPYDERCRANE mini crane is designed with a hexagonal keeled boom instead of a square boom, adding boom strength and reducing boom sway. Constructed using steel that is rated at 140,000 – 160,000 yield (psi), the high tinsel-high yield steel is thinner and lighter than most conventional booms, but by design, sturdier. This leads to a lighter crane that can lift more.

The superior materials and design of the SPYDERCRANE products speak to attention to detail and quality that go into every SPYDERCRANE mini crawler crane.

Narrow Track Width and Low Center of Gravity

SPYDERCRANE mini cranes can travel through standard size single or double doors depending on the model. The SPYDERCRANE mini crane was thoughtfully designed with a low center of gravity to stabilize the mini crane when traveling and during crane operations. Due to this low center of gravity and increased stability, SPYDERCRANE offers some of the narrowest mini cranes in their class.

Contact Crainco Inc.

At Crainco, Inc., our mission is to be the complete turn-key solution crane service company with a commitment to serving the needs of our industry through safety, quality, and innovation. Contact us today for a quote or more info.

New Crewmates at Crainco


Crainco has two new crewmates that recently joined the team.

German Shepards, Luke and Lorelai, are now the official shop dogs at Crainco’s yard, shop and office in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

New Crewmates at Crainco

The two new four-legged friends are there to make everyone happy from office employees to field crew members to customers.

The dogs are still pups, but eventually will be trained to greet customers and staff who are comfortable with being approached. The pair will also be hanging out with Crainco staff while working in the yard, office or shop when safe for all.

The medium-sized pups are already bringing smiles to employee’s faces, which is much needed especially during the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

About Crainco Inc.

Crainco is one of the industry leaders in the greater Southern California area and has been at its current yard/office on Painter Ave since 1999. The company has grown its fleet of equipment to include Linkbelt, Manitex, National, Broderson and more.


Crainco Inc.’s Approach to COVID-19


As many know, being on the move (such as a mobile crane service like Crainco Inc.) makes it more challenging to balance the new norms amidst the COVID-19. pandemic.

Crainco Inc.'s Approach to COVID-19

All of us at Crainco Inc. are doing a great job of balancing all the new safety protocols and are still here to help with your lifting needs.  It is our priority to keep employees and staff safe.

Our Customers

We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace, wherever that may be. We are practicing many of the social norms like wearing face masks as required statewide, practicing social distancing, thoroughly cleaning all equipment and washing hands.

All of our equipment is deep cleaned after each service and again prior to going out for rent or to a job site.

Our Employees

For the safety of our staff, personal protective equipment (PPE) is always required. Like with our goal of keeping customers feeling safe and protected, we are making sure our employees feel the same.

All employees must wear a mask whether they’re at the yard/office picking up equipment or paperwork, or out on a job site. Additionally, we are asking that all employees practice social distancing in both settings.

Furthermore, any employee with any symptoms of COVID-19 must immediately report those symptoms for further evaluation. Any employee not fit to continue their shift or work day will be provided with direction on their medical care.

It is our job to make sure our the Crainco staff stays healthy. We work hard to keep our industry moving, and our crane services remain available with emergency after hours.

Our Continued Commitment

We are committed to providing our customers and staff with a safe environment as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. We work hard to stay up-to-date with state mandates, CDC guidelines and more.

Crainco Featured in CalContractor Mag


Crainco Inc. celebrated a milestone in 2020 – 30 years in business – and CalContractor Mag featured the company in its January 2020 issue.

Crainco Featured in CalContractor Mag

The article written by CalContractor Editor, Ian Hoover tells the company’s story which started in 1990 in the home of current owners, Brian and Diane Smith.

The couple had just two small Dyna-Lift sign cranes which were used primarily to lift A/C units, signs, motors and light poles. Over time, their Dyna-Lifts kept them so busy that they moved to their first office in 1992.

In 1999, the expansion continued, and Crainco moved to their current office/yard on Painter Ave in Santa Fe Springs.

Their fleet and staff grew with each expansion milestone and the company started serving more areas throughout Southern California. Today, they serve clients in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. The company has also grown its fleet of equipment to include Linkbelt, Manitex, National, Broderson and more.

Read the full piece on page 20-21 in the January digital issue of CalContractor Magazine.

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